Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Power of Puffery

“Our firm offers superior service and the best deals around.” What the heck does a statement like that even mean? Well, I’ve got news for you: It doesn’t mean much. Consumers have become more media savvy and considerably more cynical about the 2,000+ commercial messages, on average, they are assaulted with every day.

Oh sure, it’s perfectly legal to use “puffery” in advertising. Why? Because the courts have determined that no reasonable person would buy a product superiority claim that is the advertising equivalent of braggadocio. It’s discounted even as it is heard. The listener/viewer of such messages have learned to process and screen for real benefits. Most don’t expect to hear or see one. So, when it happens that a product demonstrates value or a message includes a sincere offer to “make it right”? People are caught off guard.
Breaking through requires more. It requires better service and better value. Be an advocate for your customer. Lose the puffery. Live up to and surpass expectations. Let the magic of word-of-mouth propel you instead of hype.    

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