Saturday, November 5, 2016

Haunted House Party

The cauldron bubbles,
The guest list doubles,
The full moon rising,
The results are surprising.

Someone screams.
Myles smiles at a Vampire Bat.
Bones rattle in the dungeon downstairs.
A black crow lands on a mummy’s head.

Luke, Charlie, John-Paul, Eli
Are pondering the the living dead.
It’s All Hallow’s eve,
A big pumpkin pie...

A witch’s brew,
and a vampire stew.
A candy corn dish at the door.
Frankenstein monster on the dance floor.

Ghosts, goblins,
skeletons evermore.
This is the time of freight,
Scary monsters in the night.

The haunted house rattling bones,
Consolation – they are not alone.
Pumpkin light on with a switch,
Spider lands - causes a twitch.

In flew a Vampire Bat,
Freightening Diamond’s skittish black cat.
John-Paul’s mummy was there too,
As were Lily, Kass, Luke and Lou.

A bash of the season,
Without any reason.
Gobbling Goblins Ghosts.
Trip’s party is always the most.