Our accommodations at the Chelsea Cloisters studio efficiency apartment were modest. This was home-base for our week in London. Lynn and I remember the last time we spent this much time living in such close quarters was when we began our life together. We lived in a garage apartment in Miami when we were first married. It was cramped and inconvenient at the time, but we look back on that time now and recall how simple and fun it was when we really didn’t have much of anything. Looking back, again it was the little things that really meant so much.

That trip last year and our first apartment remind me of how we sometimes forget to cherish life’s simple pleasures. Like being with someone you love or the simple joy in buying a lottery ticket with all kinds of hopes and anticipation. Don’t forget where the real joy is. It’s in the little things. Smell a flower. Marvel at a display of fireworks. Smile in traffic. Buy a lottery ticket. Life is a journey, not a destination. It’s all good.

Optimist contributor Wes Morgan: originally posted February 28, 2011