Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Best for Last

Poem for Rob
What does it mean to be the best?
It isn’t a contest among the rest.
It happens when fate meets the test of time;
One in a million -- with faith, hope, and love - it shines;
The crème de la crème always rises.
Such is Life, with its periodic surprises.
Who do you want on that wall? Red Sky at night or squall;
On the horizon - one who stands tall;
Laughing out loud, the last -- youngest but never the least;
Strong and smart -- as a gentle beast.
Propose a toast to all that is great;
Family, friends and twist of fate.
Pop the cork, rock solid and steady, willing, able, always ready;
Bang on copper-bottom pots and pans, throw confetti.
A year older. Another year wiser. Never give up the fight.
You are proof that mom and dad would eventually get it right.

Happy Birthday Rob Morgan August 30, 2015