Saturday, August 27, 2016

In the End He Must Begin

Special circumstance. A unique breed.
On the cusp of adulthood, a child at heart.
He is independent but he has a need.
On the edge looking for a place to start.
He is wondering if he will ever be freed.

Here he is, but for a greater good;
But for grace of God goes he.
Each day a bus comes to his Neighborhood;
Drops him at school as anyone can see.
Bricks, mortar, glass, touches of wood.

Safely with teachers, staff, others who care;
Educators in a job they were chosen to do;
Instruction with every intention of being more than fair.
Will he succeed?  Every challenge is new.
In a context of years of training, alert and aware.

Earnest , committed, tried and true,
Learning math, science, language and art;
It is a gamble---not easy to do.
The real test begins when he departs,
Commencement comes out of the blue.