Monday, July 11, 2016

Son Dance

He’s got unlimited potential;
So say Mary and James --- expectations parental.
Saint Ignatius Jesuit Justice influential;
The boy quarterback standing tall.

Leader of men, master debater too;
Ask not what your country can do.
Give him some time --- he’ll prove it to you;
With vigor and conviction in a blazer blue.

Who shot Liberty Valance?
On his back with a bendy straw --- a broken collar bone;
Unsettling, uncertain, a world off balance;
With one hit the future is unknown.                                                                                                    

Two rounds at Georgetown --- an expatriate in France;
In monogrammed shirts, he’s made of finer clay;
He enters a room in suit, tie, clean pressed pants;
The young man has arrived --- has no plans to stay.

Open: naval gentlemen agree to discharge.
Cut wide to: beach, palms, and Piccadilly. 
Fade to tracking shot: gritty Bourbon Street, a man at large.
Cue sound: the saints go marching in, lagniappe, fleur de lis.

Pegasus flies ---  he emotes and confides;
Inner Tennis, mid city character, the dude abides;
Considering head shots, scripts and sides;
One day at a time --- by and by he presides.

The play is the thing, performance and Modern Art;
Method acting --- you’re tearing me apart;
James Bond double-o seven --- a shot in the dark;
A faith in fate, as Noah laboring in the rain with his ark.

Wiser and seasoned --- for all it means;
Brother like no other --- one from another time;
Younger or older --- be that as it seems;
Live and learn --- in retrospect just fine.

If we are here only for a while and that time has a limit;
I know this for certain --- I know this in my heart;
When the end comes like it or not – dread nor fear in it;
I will forfeit my place in line to the man more ready for the part.