Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Boy Ben

I cannot tell you about my boy Ben
without bragging again and again.

I cannot tell you he is without flaw,
Nor would he --- he is so humble and all.

He smiles --- he laughs at every kind of joke.
Elephants, Hookkah bars, cigars up in smoke.

As I recall, he wore a tie under his hood and gown.
The U was lucky he decided to stay around.

In a hurry to excel and to succeed;
On a casual walk he stops to see graffiti.

I said “You will be tested.” --- Your life will have surprises.
Yet he shows support for all around him --- He always rises

Crunching numbers in valuation math,
With a sensibility closer to a visual artist’s path.

What a silent leader looks like and can be;
I love what he does and anyone can see;

The sense, the humor, the love, the design
Simple pleasure and economy of line.

The years go by --- a priceless legacy;
My boy Ben. Look, a Selfie --- You and me.     

Happy Birthday Bubba 10-12-2015