Friday, March 21, 2014


David Hults is a career coach, author, professional speaker and Columnist. His insightful presentation is based on content from his new book, Ringmaster. David wants you to focus on how to master change in your career and inside your organization. He encourages you and your staff can become more engaged at work. As author of five books, he says this one was the hardest to write because it is the most succinct because he wants to business leaders to take action and lead change in meaningful ways.

“Disengaged employees cost the US Economy 370 Billion annually according to Gallup research findings,” says David and that means the many businesses need to change. “Using the idea of a three ring circus, he suggests there are basically 3 Rings of Change:  change you control, change you influence and change of which you can only respond. Once you understand this they key to changing is understand basic personality types in your organization. “Here the Ringmaster manages five types of performers.”

Dare Devil - Daredevils Are Likely To: THINK: These opportunities and possibilities are so exciting! SAY: Can’t wait to get started! DO: Take action.

Lion Tamer - Lion Tamers Are Likely To: THINK: I need to create a foundation and plan action steps. SAY: I have some questions about the big picture DO: Plan and define.

 Juggler - Jugglers Are Likely To: THINK: I’m not totally convinced, but I’m open. SAY: I don’t know. Maybe this change will be good. Maybe not.  DO: Ask others their opinions as part of the evaluation process.

Tightrope Walker - Tightrope Walkers Are Likely To: THINK: I’m really skeptical this change is right. SAY: Why is this change so important? I need more details about why this is happening.DO: Gather information.

Weight Lifter - Weight Lifters Are Likely To: THINK: Oh no. This is not necessary. Things are fine the way they are. SAY: This is a mistake. However, they may not say it out loud unless they know others think the same way. DO:  Bare minimum - they want to be asked. Mostly they’ll try to lay low and avoid attention. They may be building their case for fighting the changes.

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