Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Perry to Marry

We saw Perry at his right-of-passage on the bema one day.
He was tall, straight and the apple of his father’s eye
“My, he is handsome,” I heard someone say.
His mother was full of joy and about to cry,   
Grandma showed no sign of emotion;
She is thinking through her stoic preparations.
Remembering how they laughed by the ocean.
The future looks bright, but not without trepidations.
We live, dream and time does pass.
Big leaguers enter an all-star break.
The world changes. We hardly notice, just how fast.
Something is brewing.  Plan, mill, mash, make.
Hopes and dreams are difficult to reach.
But with Autumn comes a breath of fresh air,
Together join forces, we beseech;   
Be an unbeatable team with a championship flair.

Winners always have a better chance.
But seasons they come and they go.
Wishes and prayers for your lovely romance;
Prepare to win, blossom and grow.  
Another milestone is a certainty.
Each goal achieved is unique;
Another step on your journey.
Study, learn, coach and teach.
Your faces in the crowd, with each season, each Fall
Anyone can see how precious, how free.
Play hard, smile, prevail for us all.
One union for the ages - you deserve and can be. 
This New Jersey day in June,
Tears, cheers, emotions will vary.
May the light shine on you for many a moon,
Oh dearest Autumn and Perry.

Perry and Autumn – Sorry I could not be with you on your wedding day, June 28, 2013. I trust Lynn, Lindsey/Chris, Ben/Allison will represent me fairly. Sending regrets and nothing but best wishes. Life is a journey. Be grateful for every precious moment. Face the world together and you will win in the grand scheme of things. We are all so very happy for you. - Wes Morgan (Uncle Eyeball).     

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