Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Attic of my Being

Reflections on May 20 – the anniversary of my birth

Tiddlywinks, Lincoln Logs, Tonka Trucks, footballs, baseballs, whiffle bats;
Superman, Batman, Robin, Tony the Tiger, Felix the Cat;
Lawn mowers, Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, Monopoly Money, Cracker Jacks;
Slinky, man on the moon, Tang, Rock n Roll, Photomat.

Kodak Moments --- Ektacrome, Kodachrome, Plus X;
Summit, Elbur, Lake, Manor Park, Andrews, Bird Town, the Flats;
East Side, West Side, North, South, right and wrong side of the tracks;
Ohio Bell Land Lines, Cleveland Museum of Art, May Show, Shakespeare, Peter Max;

Running, 10 speed, CYC, Valley Hike, Touch Football Passes;
Downtown Cathedral, Hegwig, Malachy, St.  Luke Masses;
Browns, Indians, Crusaders, Rangers and Hurricanes;
Madison, Lakewood Park, Sandusky, Cedar Point, weather vane;

Winterhurst, Agora, The Brass Bell, Mistake on the lake, Erie sailboat race;
Hair on fire Ralph J. Perk, Carl B. Stokes, Dennis the Menace, Face to face;
War on the nightly news, Kent State, Twist of fate, checkmate;
Ed Sullivan really big show, JFK Nixon debate, The Selling of the president in 68;

Captain Penny, Barnaby, Romper Room, Wrestling on TV;
Party in the Park, Bandstand, July Parade, Let it Be;
Manners Big Boy, Perkins Pancakes, Bearden’s Burgers, Holy Name;
NFL Football Canton and Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Cut and paste, lost and found, dusty records, scrapbooks, ticket stubs, hello, goodbye;
Renaissance, rebirth, the circle of life, a baby cries, an old man sighs;
The ephemeral overwhelms but was never meant to last;
The future looks bright --- have a blast.

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  1. you are the man with the master plan stay safe brutha from another mother!