Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stress Recipe

Stress Recipe
By Wesley A. Morgan

Wronged. No medication, no potion, no cure.
In disarray you want to run away. But you stay and fight.
Physical and emotional pain. Disbelief --- No relief. Simple and pure.
You were tossing and turning throughout night.

Stressed out, over-ruled, overwhelmed, ill prepared, undermined.
Daylight comes, coping, adjusting, breathing, pleasing.   
Over-rated, twist of fate, under appreciated you find;
The situation is bad --- getting worse. It is wrong and unfair. Uneasy.    
Misstep, mistake, miss the boat, misinterpret, miss the mark, unkind.

Doubting Thomas --- you hesitate. You second guess.
You didn’t measure up. You’ve been cheated. Be smart.
You feel the haters mitigated by those who love best.
That’s when you see what you have and realize a need to restart

While you are a mortal --- flawed and imperfect;
You move to the plus side --- proactively, perform.
Don’t judge, lest you be judged, Let it go;
So many prayers from and for you --- Have faith
Do what is right. You know in your heart. You know.

You are down but you are not out
Reach for calm and a moment of Zen
Wake up, dust off, dance, smile, laugh out loud
Stand and bounce back as you have --- again and again.

From: Kiso, Debra S
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2016 8:22 AM
To: Mcdonald, Megan K; Morgan, Wesley A


I am deeply touched by your heartfelt poem. I can see that you are comfortable being uncomfortable, you have the courage to be the person you know you are meant to be, and embrace the value of sharing. Truly, you are a gifted and talented person. Thank you for your vulnerability and sharing your strength. With your permission, I would like to share this poem with Ilene Knobler, Special School District's Director of Insurance and Benefits, and many others for that matter.


Debbie Kiso M.Ed., H.C.
Wellness Account Consultant for Special School District
Coventry Health Care an Aetna Company

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From: Mcdonald, Megan K  Neuwoehner School Nurse

Wes, this poem is so powerful! You are a very talented poet! I am glad you were able to take so much away from Debbie's talk. She is very good at what she does! :)

Debbie- I have had many great responses to your talk Friday and heard it was a great turn out! Thanks so much for all your help making this week very successful for many!

Have a great week!

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Debbie -

After putting my feet up against the wall and letting the blood rush to my head, I proceeded to complete the attached poem. You see, that is what I wrote down on my little note after your session on stress Friday at Neuwoehner. I wanted to share it with you along with a note of thanks. I really appreciated the atmosphere and tone you set with such an important topic.

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