Sunday, November 22, 2015

Speeding Ticket

I drove my car and my heart was a little bit broken

A brief siren, flashing lights, hardly a word spoken.

Driver’s License and proof of insurance from the glove box.

Hiding in front of a gated community. where the cop stops

Velocity on Highway 40, changing lanes and green lights past

Creve Coeur officer claims --- “You’re going too fast.”

“Really, you got me timed on a half mile stretch of road?”

Nothing will stop him from completing this quota load

Paperwork says more than one hundred bucks I should pay.

A citation at high noon on a November Sunday.

A speed trap - this isn’t Rock Hill? I’m just sayin’

Who really wins in such a frivolous violation?

The lawyer, in 30 days time, --- revenue he will see.

The judge will be faced with a December docket and a plea  

Amended ticket, off the record, status quo

Don’t argue. Get a lawyer – It’s the place to go

Time will pass and the leaves will fall.

No point, no points, best of all.

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