Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lynn Mary Lynn Zsa Zza

Atom Bomb anniversary. KA-BOOM!
Lynn is born – make some room.
You thought her older brother had center stage?
Well -- welcome to another age.

Yacht Club, The Leprechaun, S&H stamps.
Couches, ash trays, end tables, alabaster lamps.
My sister Lynn - It has always been;
Lots of laughs, bubble gum, Rin Tin Tin.

Andrews. Augustine. Horace Mann.
Kool Aid Stands, Terry the milk man, Kick the Can
Marlboro cigarettes, Roll-on deodorant -- Ban
Just in time to tease the oh so sensitive Dan

“Walkin’ through a meadow - a bird flew over me”
Rob performs 4 all to see - Rip Van Winkle-Rip Van D
Boot’s Theater or Boots Made for Walkin’
Arts and Drama - Everybody’s Talkin’

Captain Penny or Kangaroo, Combat, Ghoulardi  
If we’re the sum of these parts, I wonder -Who are we?
Teenage angst – I’ve got Friday on my mind.
Race to the moon -- a giant leap for mankind

Stop the war! – Especially if it means skipping school,
Saddle shoes, uniforms and golden rule.
This is the Age of Aquarius. Be nobody’s fool.
Bell bottoms, 45s, late at night, oh so cool.

Bustin’ out at eighteen -- you wanna be free
Four Alter boys -- all in -- Let it Be
St. Luke the Evangelist writes it down;
Lickety–split -- married -- out of town.

Time goes on, smile, remember the joy, be happy
Life is a journey, lots of livin to do -- make it snappy
Ice cream, chocolate cake and birthday wishes;
I think it's Greg's turn to do the dishes.


Love ya Lynn – Wes. (Did you really convince me to get into a cardboard box and ride in it like a roller coaster down the basement stairs?)

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