Monday, April 8, 2013

Lindsey (b. 04-22-1982)

Aunt Zelda made sure Monmouth County knew that Lynnie Stevens had a baby girl. Uncle Marty (Dr. Malachowsky) showed himself to be the man for the job of delivery. Dr. and Mrs. Stevens (Sam and Toby) were thrilled. I was there too, of course. I knew then and there that you were Daddy’s little angel (all 7 lbs. 7 ounces). Being born in 1982 makes you a millennial, a statistic and among the first of another generation. I love to think that you represent and influence the future. It makes me very proud.

You became a sensation in Hoboken. The shops along Washington, the Italian bodegas, the chocolatier and the city park will never be the same because they saw that little angel smile. Henri Matisse painted The Dance just for you: “The Ring around the Rosie painting is my favorite,” you said of that work at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Around that time you mastered your Big Wheel bike on our block (Elmwood Avenue in Maplewood). Your smile was missing some baby teeth then. Nevertheless that smile welcomed a baby brother. (He didn’t know then how lucky he was at the time.) You shared a room with Ben in the Dorothy Street apartment in Los Angeles (Brentwood). Before you knew it we’re back in New Jersey (South Orange). The Penthouse suite at Kingsland Terrace was your perch. Another move and you were the very best ADDY award assistant The Triangle Advertising Federation ever saw. You were 10! (Raleigh, NC). You and your brother were emphatic fans of “technique of the week” and always a blast at flea markets and store checks. The continuity of Camp Seafarer for a land general who was camper and counselor is a part of your journey. Of course, we moved again – to Miami, and you rose to the top again. “First Clarinet is like the quarterback of our team,” your music teacher said of you. You were a teen changing High Schools when we moved again. St. Louis. Parkway West High School never saw a more enthusiastic supporter of free speech. (I was so proud of you as you took it upon yourself to lead a crusade and alert the media over the issue of Free Speech.)

Fast forward and it is astounding how many lives you have touched (as a leader, sister, daughter and youth group advisor. You are a friend, an advocate, a champion of human rights, a decent citizen and a remarkable inspiration.) That might be enough for some, but now you show the world you can set unbelievable goals, new goals, and get on a path to not only achieving them but crushing them. The world is a better place with you in it. Happy Birthday Lindsey! Thank you for being you! Dad

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