Saturday, June 9, 2012

So, how did it go?

I managed to navigate the scrutiny of a top retained executive search firm and a round of interviews with a division of a global manufacturing firm. The company is based in college town about two hours west of me, so an offer might mean relocation and starting over with a host of daily rituals (coffee shop, library, grocery stores, networking and meeting people to name just a few). On the other hand the opportunity seems well worth the sacrifice. Those thoughts are bumping into each other inside my head but, I know, these issues tend to work themselves out if it comes to “getting the offer.”

“So, how did it go?” is the opening question from my wife and a short list of colleagues who know I am in the running for this position. It is sometimes followed up with the question “How did they leave it with you? Next steps?” I can only respond with impressions of a victim of a flawed process.

In my case, I struggle a little with the idea of running my own business vs. becoming a hired gun in another corporate scenario. I’m not gonna lie. I’m flattered when somehow my resume, reputation and experience rise to the top in a search. I have a solid track record of managing marketing communications.  I’ve done it all of my professional life. Notably, in the past dozen years in roles as head of communications and marketing. My consulting practice has helped me realize that marketing communications in recent years, in particular, has a tendency to be undervalued, misunderstood and even neglected. So, when a company is considering restoring that function, chances are they have no frame of reference - or worse a bundle of unrealistic expectations.

Nevermind the simple fact that cutbacks and reorganization have decimated the in house staff and eliminated outsourcing for marketing communications, what seems to be left is an organization with operations people and number-crunchers. Sadly they have to assess what’s missing. So how did it go? I have no idea.  

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