Friday, March 2, 2012

So, what do you do?

There is a Chevy Truck TV commercial that opens with a shot of the truck in a guy’s driveway. The commercial cuts to a neighborhood social situation when the question is posed: So what do you do? The commercial then treats us to several quick cuts of the guy with his truck as he does some construction related job, helps someone move furniture, drives kids to school and does yardwork/ landscaping. The spot cuts back to him as he can’t fully answer the question. He just kind of sighs. (Because he does a lot and apparently he is not the kind of guy who brags about his J-O-B.)   

That question is very interesting. Most of us when asked are quick to provide a short answer that might include a job, title or general profession. Many these days are struggling with a delicate way to advise that they are “in transition” and looking for a career opportunity. (Well shoot, aren’t we all IN TRANSITION?) Business coaches often encourage people to fine-tune their “elevator speech” so they can quickly identify who they are what their ideal prospect/opportunity might look like.

Personal branding is important as you leverage the “conversation” in social media. The theory is that people are in fact brands. People need to be true to their brand and deliver on the brand promise. In this way one can improve chances of winning in the game of networking. It is often said that people do business with people; and they prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust. Your personal brand becomes part of the answer to the question: So, what do you do?

A little food for thought: No matter what you do for a living - you are a human being. Have a little self-respect and make an effort to respect those other human beings on the planet Earth with you. We all have worth that is so much more that the somewhat unfair and arbitrary paycheck or commission or fee for a product and/or service.     

Remember: You are who you are, not what you do!

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