Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leaders need to lead.

It takes money to make money. All kinds of people make the world go around. No man is an island. Okay, but when the global economy is in such turmoil it's hard for companies and people who run them to recognize that the way out is to reach out. FDR said the only fear is fear itself. That may very well be true today.

I live in a town where a great many talented and creative people have been displaced. Many struggle with the challenge of reinventing themselves. At the core of their being is the basic belief people have in the ability for these people to think outside the box and be creative. Looking at opportunities and seeing things in a way that shows the glass is half full. The world needs leaders who are optimistic. There needs to be faith shown in individuals, in mission, in achievable goals again. When it's every man for himself the problems of the world are simply too large to be conquered. Organize the troops and take charge. Go. Fight. Win.

If you are a leader of a business, small or large, you have a greater responsibility than protecting yourself. You became a leader and you've seen success because people believe in you. Are you squandering that trust? Was it deserved? Luck is usually not just serendipity. You made your breaks and now you are on top. Don't hide. Your business, your community, your family, your friends and the world at large need your vision now more than ever.

Take a calculated risk. Start an initiative. Generate some energy. Be enthusiastic. Be smart but take action. This is a great time to make a difference.

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